D’Arcy Shares “Crush (Rusl Bubblegum Remix)”

D’Arcy shares a brand new lyric video for RUSL Bubblegum’s remix of “Crush”.

NYC-based indie act D’Arcy previously shared “Bad Habit”. Pounding 808s score the dramatic track, flaunting her powerful voice and lyricism. Under The Radar praised it as “the type of pounding nocturnal alt pop that acts as the perfect complement to both a neon-lit night out or an introspective drive.”

On “Bad Habit”, D’Arcy says: Bad Habit centers on a struggle with addiction and the road to recovery. The song is imbued with self-awareness about the reality of addiction – “cards on the table I’m unstable, this is fatal, I won’t hate you if you decide to leave.”

“Bad Habit” stands in stark contrast to D’Arcy’s more upbeat tracks “Bad Girls” and “Crush”, which focus on young love, lust and wild nights out; “Bad Habit” is, perhaps, the aftermath of the “cocaine, head spin, pills and gin,” that D’Arcy sings about in “Bad Girls”.