Inner Wave Announces New Album

Today, Inner Wave announces their forthcoming new album and shares the project’s lead single. Apoptosis, the band’s fourth full-length album is out September 30th, marking the 15-year anniversary of the band’s first rehearsal together. Their new single “Take 3” is a groovy romp that raises questions of our reality, prompted by the monotonous days spent in quarantine last year when it was written and comes alongside a stunning and intimate video directed by frontman Pablo Sotelo, who makes his directorial debut.

“This track has a lot of parallels to another song of ours called ‘song 3,'” Sotelo says of the new single. “It’s about the mundane/repetitive aspects of quarantine life. Both songs have an element of questioning reality. I tried to do a callback to the ‘song 3’ video with the ‘take 3’ video by using a projector and having elements of a repetitive simulation.”

Apoptosis, recorded over two weeks at True Sound studio during quarantine, merges various elements of the band’s past forays into electronic, soul, and garage-rock. The album’s recording session was the first time the band had ever recorded in a proper studio together, and as a result, they produced their most focused body of work to date – an intricately-detailed collection of musical atmospheres and moods, complete with lyrics that are meant to provoke thought in the listener. Exploratory yet calculated, Apoptosis shifts and evolves over the course of its duration, and opens a new musical chapter for Inner Wave, as they welcomed in a new member and embraced the changes that last year’s quarantine brought on.