Jelani Aryeh Shares Video For Recent Single “Overexposed”

21-year-old Filipino/African-American artist Jelani Aryeh will release his debut album I’ve Got Some Living To Do later this month and today is dropping his new video for his single “Overexposed.” The song is another great example of Jelani’s ability to effortlessly transcend genres from indie to pop to rock to alternative and more. On the video, he notes “The microclimates (of Marin County) really set the perfect scene for our surrealist vision for Overexposed – one second we were in Point Reyes which totally felt like Iceland or some distant country with its overcast skies, cows and rolling hills, and the next we found ourselves at the top of Mt. Tamalpais which felt like literal heaven – you’re above the clouds and everything the sun touched was gold.”

Director Will Noyce says of the video “The music video for Overexposed is a series of images meant to capture the feeling of isolation. What’s interesting about this feeling specifically is that it’s not always good or bad – intense isolation can be both incredibly beautiful or incredibly suffocating. To me this video juxtaposes both of these possibilities.”