Dana And The Wolf Share “2 Lovers” Video

Burbank-based Dana And The Wolf share “2 Lovers”, following up on April’s “It’s Too Late”, further exploring the controversial world of non-monogamous relationships. COOL HUNTING premiered the track, noting it as “another considered exploration of non-monogamous relationships” and musically praising how “from Hobson’s powerful, pliable vocals and soulfully sincere lyricism to the steady, supportive and percussive instrumental, the track rises into pensive anthemic artistry.”

Dana says: “Every time I hear about someone being poly, they’re either misusing the word or saying it like a whisper. I just am so sick of people pussy footing around something that is not only a better lifestyle to live, but makes more sense to humankind.”

Daniel (Wolf) says: “When Dana first started seeing another dude, I would go for these walks around the block and have this bittersweet tune stuck in my head. We agreed to open our relationship, but it was scary knowing if you could really trust your partner. When I wrote the lyrics out for it, it became a non-monogamy kind of anthem. Dana only sings lyrics she really believes in, so it sort of acted as a confirmation that she still loved me, but that we were really going for this new lifestyle.”

Chicago-born couple Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf wrote and recorded their debut album, LA Fade (due Fall, 2021) over a series of twelve turbulent months hunkered down in their 2 bedroom apartment in Burbank, CA.

Inspired by their adventures in dating, LA FADE tells tales of guilt, ghosting and roller-coaster relationships — set to a backdrop of epic vocals, highly personal lyrics, and cinematic arrangements.

More recently, Dana and the Wolf have freed themselves from the constraints of monogamy — with the subsequent relationship drama providing the fuel for the album. Their candid and often hilarious videos on non-monogamy are clearly striking a nerve — with a recent post attracting 180K views on TikTok and an avalanche of debate.