Negative Sixxx Shares with New Single, “Thrive”

Bay area thrashers Negative Sixxx are carrying on the region’s legacy with their latest track, “Thrive,” an uncompromising advocation for survival through adversity.

Watch the quintet’s video for “Thrive”.

To thrive is something we all need to do,” says drummer Mark Miller. “That alone is our motivation.”

Born in the watering holes of Oakland, CA, Negative Sixxx offers no-holds-barred metal, and “Thrive,” the first single from their upcoming sophomore release, shows the band at its best, perfectly blending heaviness and melody.

For its accompanying video, the band collectively created a simple concept, then turned the idea over to director Dave Perga. “Dave took the simple idea and warped and twisted it into something special,” says guitarist Chris Van De Ven. “I believe the only way to move forward in this industry is to come out swinging, and we really did with this song and video.”