Chase Bell Unveils New Single, “Follow”

Chase Bell releases his new single “Follow,” today.

Bell has landing cuts in television shows such as “Shameless” and “Lucifer” as well as the film Life Inside Out. Buoyed by the response, he began working on the songs that would compose the release of his up-and-coming new EP, Where My Heart Leads. Chase Bell is primed to take his place as one of the premier pop artists of the day. The nine cuts on the set (three studio tracks and six acoustic numbers) brim with instantly catchy hooks, rousing vocals, and brilliantly evocative narratives that easily lodge their way in the thicket of listeners’ senses – and stay there

It’s the guiding principle that Bell took to heart early. Growing up in New Jersey, his house was filled with music – his mother sang cabaret in New York, and he learned his first guitar chords under the tutelage of his musician uncle Vinnie. This all became a staple for his desire to also play music. Becoming proficient on guitar and piano, Bell absorbed classic rock – Hendrix and Led Zeppelin were his two biggies – and he soon began absorbing the sounds of newer sounds like Coldplay. After the necessary period of emulation, he started to write his own songs, his first steps toward establishing a singular musical identity.

Therefore, Bell bypassed the standard course of hitting New York City clubs and set off for London, where he cut his teeth as a performer in various venues and soon fell in with a group of jazz musicians who broadened his compositional range. “I was still playing pop-oriented music, but they taught me different chords and new ways of forming note patterns,” he says. Falling in love with an Italian girl, he followed her to her native country, where he started a band got his first real taste of commercial success when a song of his was picked for a Revlon commercial. This made him realize that there might be more for him in the states. Therefore, he packed up and moved to the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA to continue his career which is where he is to this day.