Mary Scholz Releases New Single “Into the Wind”

In the wake of a year of global isolation, acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary Scholz today announced the release of a new song about the ties that bind us to loved ones passed. Titled “Into the Wind,” this folk hymn, out July 27th, floats between this world and the next, exploring how the bereaved maintain connections through storytelling. Accompanied by an acoustic video, this song is Scholz’s third single released in partnership with Blue Élan Records co-founder Kirk Pasich and KZZ Music. It arrives ahead of a collaboration between Scholz and KZZ Music this fall, during which the artist will record her 3rd studio album.

In “Into the Wind,” Scholz plainly contemplates the significance of her own passing. With the line “Joanna, sing for me,” she invites her mother to carry forth her artistic legacy. “This song came to me after watching a loved one struggle with a loss,” Scholz reveals. “The experience of grief is heavy, but in it, there’s also a powerful potential for transcendence. I wanted to give listeners the feeling of weightlessness. The song starts in the darkness but ultimately leads you to the light.”

A unique release for the summer season, “Into the Wind” offers respite rather than repose. In Scholz’s view, “Summer is all bright colors and upbeat music in our collective psyche. But we can’t relegate art that expresses sadness to the colder months. Grief, in particular, is incredibly isolating, so I hope this song holds space for the people who need it.” Though the track was written and recorded in late 2019, Scholz felt that “Into the Wind” would hold particular resonance now as people rebuild their lives in the ever changing realities of COVID-19. “We’ve all lived with the feeling of being ‘weighted,’ so this song is also about choosing to place yourself somewhere that gives you peace of mind and heart,” Scholz shares.

“Into the Wind” meets this darkest edge of the human experience with airy ethereality, giving equal expression to the peace that comes from letting go. Upright bass and pump organ ground the angelic acoustics throughout, giving Scholz’s vocals room to flourish. The closing lines, “Lay me with the trees where I can breathe, and softly shall I sleep, with the breeze, through the night,” fall over exploratory electric guitar instrumentals that add dimensionality and texture. The sound is an extension of the ethereality the artist introduced in “California,” the title track from her last studio album. In a new move, Scholz also plans to release an instrumental version of “Into the Wind” so audiences can enjoy the raw composition. “The instrumental is ideally suited to yoga, mediation, or other mindfulness practices. I love the idea of supporting peoples’ healing in these contexts,” Scholz says.