Jordi Up Late Shares “IDRK”

LA-based pop artist Jordi Up Late shares “IDRK,” alongside a self-animated music video. Hollywood Life premiered the video alongside an exclusive Q+A.

On the track, Jordi says: “More than anything ‘IDRK’ is about being honest with myself. I’ve been in lust and I’ve maybe loved people from afar but I’ve never fallen in love, told them, and meant it. I’m coming to terms with the fact that sex, for me, can create the illusion of intimacy where lust and love become tangled and confused. In truth ‘I don’t really know’ what it is to fall deeply for someone on a mental and physical level. I’ve only experienced one or the other. Writing this song meant coming to terms with that and singing it keeps me self aware, reminding me what it is I’m ready and looking for”