David Franz Takes One Step Further Into His Journey As An Artist With The Release Of  “Silver Arrow Sunday”

Emerging like a snake too big for its skin, David Franz slithered from behind the producer’s console to the mic. After years of unlocking the creative genius of other artists as a co-writer, producer, and record label head led to the evolution and development of his own artist persona for the very first time.

“Silver Arrow Sunday” is steeped in the ethereal and desolate haze of the desert heat. The deeply personal track was written through the lens of a desert mirage, and inspired but a dream about a temptress dressed in deep red dancing fantastically in a waverly shamanic vision. Her boundless energy slowly pulls David from his tumultuous past and into a fleeting future. The path forward seems positive, even if the direction and the destination are out of focus. Change is never the perfect replica of what we envision it being, but can be beautiful in its mix of clarity and confusion.

The sound is definitively California desert rock, born in the high desert of Joshua Tree National Park, providing the perfect landscape for David’s journey of sonic self-discovery which was the impetus for his debut album To The Unknown, due out September 24. Full of self-examination, self-help, self-harm and wrapped in modern production on a foundation of soul and blues, the music conjures energies from both outlaws and shamans. It’s a testament that personal growth is necessary for the greater good, and that growth is not at all easy.