Cold Weather Company Share “Movement”

Today, New Jersey-based indie band Cold Weather Company share their new single “Movement” off their Coalescence – Pt. 2 EP out 8/17 on Deko Entertainment.

On the video, Steve Shimchick of Cold Weather Company says: “We try to build a journey into each of our songs, typically based on what one of us is experiencing. For Movement, we also wanted to capture the journeys of our listeners. While the single is only a piece of the full song, it kicks off the answer to a prompt we gave our community in 2019, asking what was stopping them from making progress. It’s rewarding to finally have the song out two years later, as my hope is that those who replied to the prompt are in healthier places mentally and physically. As that may not be the case for everyone, we can also acknowledge the work still ahead of each of us, and the importance of taking things as they are from moment to moment—without overthinking or being too hard on ourselves. It’s a reminder I’ve been grateful for recently.”