Gary Hector Releases His New Single “Today I Ride Alone”

Gary Hector Releases His Single/Video “Today I Ride Alone” which is his first single from his album National Trash. Gary Hector’s style blends Americana, Classic Rock, and a twang of country notes. A vocal sound of Dylan, a classic blues-rock of the Rolling Stones, a swig of Hank Williams, and finally an underground bash of punk ala The Clash and Sex Pistols. All of this smashing sound has been brought together in a way only Gary Hector can do. A blend of all channels of music that means something to all who understand and collect from a diverse list of true music history in a modern roll of sound. Truly a musicphilo can be found in Hector’s presentation. A cue is given in the study of the fundamental nature and value of a music experience for all who live, breathe, and dig it.

When I wrote the single, “Today I Ride Alone”, I found myself setting the track up as straight and to the point. Written in mood, and armed with potent lyrics. The single was a perfect opening track and first release for my album, NATIONAL TRASH, a hauntingly beautiful slice of Americana, with shades of classic country and classic rock n roll,” says Hector.