Isabella Lovestory Shares New Song

Today, Isabella Lovestory shares the new song and video, “Vuelta.” Self-directed by Lovestory herself, the video is three minutes of unadulterated car rides and sets that capture Lovestory in an infectious and dizzying lament about a tumultuous lover. Co-produced by Chicken and Lecx Stacy, the song is her second taste of new music following “Alo,” which NYLON named one of their best songs of the week upon its release, and arrives arrives after her Remix Mixtape released earlier this year.

Detailing what the song means to her, Isabella says: “Vuelta, (meaning ‘a spin’ or ‘returning’ in spanish), is about the spiraling and twirling feeling of desire and love. The song talks about my hair touching my crush’s face as I twirl in front of him, spinning the bottle, spinning inside a car. Running after love then running away from it.”