Cerebellion Releases New Single “Until I Can Breathe”

Cerebellion has released a new single and stunning cinematic music video for “Until I Can Breathe” in reaction to Covid-19 and sociopolitical worries that left so many with overwhelming stress and anxiety about the future. Vocalist Joe Arnold states “a lot of us were drowning from financial worries, relationship strains, media overwhelm, social separation, and divisiveness as a result of the pandemic. Despite those feelings, this song reminds us to keep swimming up and eventually you will get a breath.” Bassist Marc Battung adds, “we kept our heads above water by continuing to focus on our passion of writing and producing new music. That’s our therapy. We had to learn how to do it remotely but, in many ways, it opened up new possibilities for us.”

The dramatic music video, which was filmed, directed, and edited by Ian Mora of Smash Standard Cinema, follows the narrative of a young woman grieving the loss of her husband from a deep sea fishing accident. The imagery of massive tidal waves and lightning followed by moments of sadness and reflection perfectly pairs with the music as it ebbs and flows in and out of titanic riffs and acoustic guitar. Vocally, it showcases Arnold’s dynamic pallet, ranging from very aggressive verses to catchy, climactic choruses and a very somber and melodic bridge.

On the heels of the band’s critically acclaimed 2020 album Beyond Our Failures, this latest offering drops in advance of the band’s forthcoming EP due on September 21.