Hayden Pedigo Announces New Album ‘Letting Go’

Hayden Pedigo today announced his new album Letting Go will be released on September 24th, 2021, via Mexican Summer—his first for the label. The young guitarist has also shared the sublime and delicate title track lead single, alongside a charming, captivating video.

“My good friends Rocco and Gilles pitched the idea of making a video around the character on the front cover of the album to kind of show the stranger side of my personality usually on display on my Instagram account,” explains Pedigo. “They took this concept of a weirdo/outsider in the Texas panhandle feeling alienated/different, and blended it through this strange angelic lens.”

Directors Rocco and Gilles add: “The ‘Letting Go’ music video concept sought to find a balance between the playful and inventive world of Hayden’s countless online personas, and the deep sincerity and beauty in the music he creates. What would happen if you took one of his comic characters from Instagram and entered its world, treating it with the same careful respect with which the album was made? We drove out to Lubbock, Texas, from Los Angeles in the same white Jeep used in the video, with this idea and a 16mm camera.”