Lamb Of God’s “Making of Redneck,” Out Today

Lamb Of God has premiered “Making of Redneck,” a behind the scenes look at the wildly fun 2006 music video for “Redneck” from the Sacrament album.

In conjunction with the 15th anniversary digital reissue of Sacrament, Death by Toys has a produced a handmade Randy Blythe action figured inspired by “Redneck.” The one-of-a-kind handmade figure will go to one lucky Loudwire reader. Enter now at LINK. Winner will be chosen on August 31.

Death by Toys is a one-man action figure shop specializing in handmade, limited edition collectibles from favorite horror, cult and retro franchises. Each item is made entirely by hand using anything from recycled vintage toys to resin casting to repurposed household items. While the finished products may have the feel and look of a factory-produced toy line, each toy is made, literally, one at a time. Death by Toys offers one-of-a-kind pieces of fan art, as well as small runs of officially licensed figures.

The Randy Blythe figure is made from a variety of toy parts, plus some additional sculpting. In line with the video’s birthday party theme, the package comes complete with party accessories, and the packaging is a nod to Sacrament’s cover art.

“The black/purple design of the album cover is so iconic and has such a distinct feel that I definitely wanted to use it for the cardback,” Polydoris says. “The birthday party from the music video is so ridiculous and over-the-top, and I wanted to capture a little of that in this toy (without getting in the way of the Randy figure). So I included a bunch of birthday party stuff as tiny accessories for him. Plus, the Happy Birthday sign is actually made from a screenshot of the music video.”