Kunzite Shares Explosive New Track “Halohead”

The movements of Kunzite’s Mike Stroud and Agustin White have seen them orbiting around each other, occasionally crossing paths yet consistently admiring each other’s work. The pair traversed the globe separately with their different projects and personal adventures — Stroud touring with his band Ratatat and White on a spiritual journey exploring yoga, meditation and psychedelics — while looking to one day do something together. The formation of Kunzite saw them finally able to merge their minds and mission, with a sound that blends psychedelia with electronic, beat-heavy production and live instrumentation. Now, the pair is set to release their new album Visuals this Friday, August 20 via Lowly./Wilder.

In advance of release day, Kunzite shares “Halohead,” a song that lives in its own universe and inspired the formation of the band. “Halohead” features explosive guitars and cosmic soundscapes and is built around a vicious breakbeat. The song has moments that sound alien-like and others that sound almost classic heavy metal à la Black Sabbath, taking the listener on a journey that defies genres and opens up more doorways with each spin.