Trick Gum Shares “Bringing in the Dogs”

In the “Bringing in the Dogs” video the cousins take to outer space, where a contract mission leads to some complex emotions. Says Trick Gum, “Going to kinda-space for an hour in a giant metal penis is one thing, but spending a year in close quarters dumping clone waste into an infinite void is a completely different animal. Space Sucks….Save the Earth.”

Trick Gum blows the roof off the plot for the fourth time in as many months with “Bringing in the Dogs”, which premiered today. After the gonzo space punk of “You’re All Caught Up” (July 16th), the gentle sincerity of “Hurts to Be a Head” (June 19th), and the bent beach anthem “Hot Rifle” (May 7th), subversive pranksters Trick Gum are back, ready for anything. In their first three months the band has been featured on Stereogum, Flaunt, Wonderland, Brooklyn Vegan, highlighted in the Instagram stories of Jonah Hill and Ariel Rechtshaid, and both “Hot Rifle” and “Hurts to Be a Head” were selected by Iggy Pop to appear on the pre-taped and upcoming Sept. 3 episode of his Radio 6 music show.

The Giiallo-Gone-ASMR “Bringing in the Dogs” shows its teeth with relentless psychedelic swagger, whirling slinky bass, maniacal guitar, and a rattling low piano riff around a huge, menacing beat. The cousins sing softly in harmony, conjuring up ‘the same old gods’ while everything falls apart around them.

Asked about the meaning behind the song, Trick Gum responded, “We’ve all found ourselves in desperate moments when it’s time to make a change, and discerning the right change evades us. How easy it is in those solitary moments to turn against our better angels and lay back into familiar vices. In strange times often there’s nothing that seems more comforting than the devil we know. It’s a bad way to go, but we have to acknowledge our shadows in order to overcome them. “Bringing in the Dogs” is a way to give those crutches a kiss and a wink and say, ‘love you lads, I’ll always remember the good times,’ before moving on to something better.”