Hinder Rocks

The title pretty much says it all. It’s been five years since I had seen Hinder live and to be honest I was pretty sure I wasn’t missing much. When I saw them last it was their first tour with new singer Marshal Dutton who has taken over for the recently departed Austin Winkler. All I really remember from that show was how Dutton always extended his arm in the air and quite honestly the one song that got them on the charts, “Lips of an Angel”. To me they were one of those run of the mill modern rock bands that there was a glut of in the early 2000s on active rock radio. They had gotten lucky with the one song and went on from there.

Not knowing what to expect when I walked into the venue I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised, if not downright impressed.

Hinder has truly matured as a rock band. Their stage presence was of a real ban, not like a lot of rock bands that run around the stage or up and down and slinging their hair. Sutton commanded the attention of the audience and was rewarded with it – and deservedly so. The show was straight up rock and roll with no frills or embellishments or stage antics, just good ole rock and roll.

The band’s set included songs that has spanned the band’s 16-year recording career touching on old and new without favor. In hindsight it was a retrospective of their career starting the night appropriately enough with “I Need Another Drink” that segued to “Up All Night”.

Dutton’s maturity as a frontman set the tone for the night as it was pure rock and roll, something that has been missing for a long time for various reasons and those in attendance this night reveled in it.

The band went to the well to finish the night as they performed an acoustic version of “Better Than Me” from their debut album, followed by covering an Eagles favorite, “Life in the Fast Lane” and bringing it all home with “Lips of an Angel”.

Hinder Setlist
I Need Another Drink
Up All Night
King of the Letdown
Use Me
What Ya Gonna Do
All American Nightmare
How Long
See You in Hell
Without You
2 Sides of Me
Better Than Me (Acoustic)
Life in the Fast Lane (Eagles cover)
Lips of an Angel

 – Dave Weinthal