Munya Announces Debut Album

Québécois artist Munya – a.k.a producer, singer, songwriter and performer Josie Boivin – will release her debut album, Voyage to Mars, on November 5th via Luminelle Recordings. Following her masterful EP trilogy that was released in its entirety in 2019, Munya started work on her debut album. With a background in opera and jazz, Munya has always had two big dreams: to be a musician, and…to go to Mars. “I love space. I love aliens. I love thinking that we’re not alone in this big strange universe,” she says. “Those things give me hope.” That hope led to Voyage To Mars, named for Georges Méliès’ classic silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune. Filled with songs that feel beamed in from another world and suffused with an otherworldly light, this record was written, produced and recorded by Boivin, who is also responsible for all of her stunning hand drawn artwork below.

To celebrate the announcement of Voyage To Mars, Munya shares lead single “Cocoa Beach” today. The lilting song with palm-muted guitars and a driving funk beat is named for the town fifteen miles from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, and Boivin explains, “Cocoa Beach is a song about being fearless, about finding your inner force and embracing failure as your path to happiness. It’s about pushing yourself over your limits and accomplishing the impossible through sheer force of will. It takes courage, dedication and many failures to reach your dreams…and that is the origin story of Munya.” The new music video for “Cocoa Beach” is a direct followup to her last French single “Pour Toi,” a song that found her speaking to someone far away. Find out who was on the other end of the telephone line in the new video now.