Daneshevskaya Shares New Music Video

Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter Daneshevskaya—a.k.a. the moniker and Lithuanian middle name of Anna Beckerman—recently released her beautifully understated debut EP Bury Your Horses. Blending elements of classical music, chamber pop, art rock, country & western, even chanson, Bury Your Horses explores the loss of friends, lovers and acquaintances, and embraces the marks those relationships left on her life rather than struggles with the absences left behind.

Today Daneshevskaya shares a lovely home video compilation for “Estuary Dig” that looks back with fondness. “Maddy [Madeline Leshner] and I wrote this song after we went to the beach one day,” says Beckerman. “It was a lake beach, and there were a bunch of families there, and you could see the cool kids splashing in the water, and then you saw the alt kids in the mud digging up lizards and crabs. They were developing a whole infrastructure for this beach that involved buckets and shovels. We spent the whole day playing a ball game we made up that I can’t remember. It was such a good day and I wanted to remember it in a song.”