Nick Leng Announces ‘LEMONS – Live From Drive In OC’ LP

Today, South African indie-soul singer-songwriter Nick Leng shares a new single and video, “LEMONS (Live),” and announces a new live LP, LEMONS – Live From Drive In OC, out tomorrow, August 27th via SOTA Records. The live LP follows Leng’s successful 2020 debut album LEMONS.

On the live LP, Nick said, “Was such a privilege to play a concert during the Covid lockdown and I’m eternally grateful to LP for asking me to open for her! I can’t explain how memorable this show was for me. Definitely a moment I’d go back to if I had a time machine. I’m so happy to have recorded this concert and to be presenting my first live album. I think fans of the studio album LEMONS will hear some fun takes on the songs in this release.”

Sometimes, you have to explore the most painful moments of your life to release your most inspiring contemplations about it. For musician Nick Leng, this came after an emotional breakup, apartment fire, and subsequent loss of a friend, which led him on a journey through wistfulness, isolation, and ultimately, a renewal of spirit. His diligence paid off with the release of his powerful debut LP, LEMONS, in April 2020 on SOTA Records. It’s an album precise even in its idiosyncrasies, featuring a heady mix of throwback dream-pop, classically routed, singer-songwriter introspection, and beat-driven whimsy.