Fair Visions Share Second Single “Channel”

Brooklyn-based post-punk outfit Fair Visions share “Channel,” the second single off of their upcoming EP Modern Kids, due out next week, September 1st. Immersive synths and 808s decorate the track, elevating the lyrics to create a lush, pulsing dance-ready track.

A haunted house of a dance-floor banger, ‘Channel’ rollicks by on wide-panned electric guitars and devilishly sequenced drums. Its Kafkaesque lyric — and the direst delivery this side of Station to Station — bring awful presence to familiar complaints: “I changed your mind half a dozen times / but it doesn’t even matter.”

This cyclical, paranoid mentality stems from Work’s early days in New York, which he describes as “haunted” and akin to the feeling of “beating your head against a wall for years without realizing you’re the only one who can stop it.” In a first for Fair Visions, ‘Channel’ depicts this free-floating mindset via an extended interlude that draws on house music.