Liily Shares “Early Bopper”

Following the release of gritty romps “I Am Who You Think I Think I Am” and “Odds Are It’s Blue,” Los Angeles rock outfit Liily have returned with yet another single off their upcoming long-awaited debut, TV or Not TV, this one entitled “Early Bopper”.

As the track’s title suggests, it’s a certified bop. Carved out with a blistering guitar-heavy background and rage-filled vocal swells, the track begs to be met by the roar of a raucous crowd. With Liily’s strong history in the practice of writing songs that can get stuck in your head for days, this is just another to add to the list.

The track’s accompanying music video (directed by guitarist Sam De La Torre) is as wild as you might expect — it zeroes in on members of the band as they makes their way through a multi-tired building, brimming with an eery web of activity. It’s definitely a video you have to watch for yourself, maybe even multiple times, so you can dissect every small detail buried beneath the surface. In combination, the mind-melting visual pairs well with the track, as both leave you breathless, and possibly a bit confused, but eager to know more.