Matt Jaffe’s New Full-Length Album ‘Kintsugi’ Out Today

Bay Area artist Matt Jaffe is excited to announce the release of his much anticipated fifth studio full-length album, Kintsugi. This is an album that has been a year in the making and comes with seven heartfelt songs about overcoming obstacles in life.

Kintsugi was created out of tragedy and healing. In January 2019, Matt had a seizure on stage, landing on and wrecking his acoustic guitar of 12 years. After a string of luthiers said they were unable to repair it, the people at Schoenberg Guitars fixed it, filling in the space between the shards of wood with a caramel-colored epoxy. Several friends noted the similarity between the repaired guitar and the Japanese art form of mending broken pottery by filling the damaged areas with lacquer called Kintsugi. This process reflected the guitar, the surgical reconstruction of his skull following a 2015 craniotomy, and the themes of destruction and rebirth found in the new music.