JD Pinkus Shares “Slow Crawl”

Following the recent release of his solo “space grass” banjo album Fungus Shui, JD Pinkus (mem. Butthole Surfers) shares the music video for the album’s final track, “Slow Crawl.” On the video, JD Pinkus says, “The ‘Slow Crawl,’ video was me and my wife tryin to pretend like we didn’t like each other cause we couldn’t afford Sean Penn and Madonna…I remember screaming at her, ‘I fucking love you so much,’ and ‘I asked for a Snickers and you bring me a fucking Milky Way?!?!,’ Then the glass ‘accidentally’ flew out of her hand onto my frontal lobe. It’s kind’ve about driving home real slow…every day…A big shout out to Josh and Keturah Bishop for capturing these uncomfortable moments and Jon Karr for his visual additions to the project. Thankfully, they all smelled what I was steppin in’.”