The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb Share “Gentle On My Mind”

Today, The Colorist Orchestra and Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) share their new single and video “Gentle On My Mind” via Flaunt. The Colorist Orchestra is an avant classical music collective led by Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans that uses traditional and bespoke instruments in unorthodox ways to remix the repertoire of an invited artist. Their new single “Gentle On My Mind” is a stunning preview of Not On The Map, their latest collaboration with maverick songwriter Howe Gelb, coming this fall from Dangerbird Records. The band gives their thoughts on the track below:

“Thanks to Howe, we rediscovered this fantastic song. The words paint pictures that keep coming like a river. Finding the right pallet to give that river enough drive and also melodically maintain enough space for the content of the lyrics was a fine challenge. The melodic extra information we added gives just that space for the images to sink in. We really like the way howe tells and sings this song, while playing, you embrace his story so intensely that there is nothing left but the here and now.” – Kobe Proesmans

“Working on the arrangement, i had the mood of midnight cowboy in my head. I also listen a lot to Nina Simone’s Suzanne and this you can hear in the parts of the bass and the piano…” – Aarich Jespers

“Harkens back to the early 70s. Before it all turned decadent in the counterculture. The last remnants of the beat era. The hipster as hobo. Riding the rails. Cuppin the hot tin cup of crappy coffee.” – Howe Gelb