Bastille Drops Video For New Single “Thelma + Louise”

Today, Bastille reveals the official video for their latest single, “Thelma + Louise”. The cinematic video was directed by Balázs Simon and combines ground-breaking animation with live action shots filmed in Serbia. It is a continuation of the storyline from Bastille’s previously released video for “Distorted Light Beam”, and again features British actress Remmie Milner from the BAFTA-winning series, Save Me, who joins front man Dan Smith. Together, they escape their reality and journey into their own innerverse for a more hopeful future, and it continues to tell the story of Future Inc. and “Futurescape” technology, teasing at what’s to come from Bastille’s forthcoming new album.

Of the video, Dan says, “This video’s been a massive, international collective effort. We’ve been so lucky to work with Balázs and his team of digital animators, who are based in Austria. They did such an incredible job of creating this version of the innerverse. The live action scenes were shot at the end of an all night shoot as the sun was coming up in Serbia a few months ago with the brilliant team who made our ‘Distorted Light Beam’ video.”

He continues, “The four of us in Bastille and Remmie had our heads and bodies scanned to make the digital avatars that you see. We’re massively excited for people to watch this mad little 2 minute film that takes you right into how the innerverse could work. It totally captures the sense of escape and endless possibility.”