Siamese Release New Single “Numb”

Copenhagen’s Siamese are back with another infectious single from their long-awaited new album Home.

“Numb” encompasses all of the elements that Siamese are renowned for; a soaring melodic chorus alongside thundering breakdowns, with a sprinkling of synths and electro-beats for good measure. Truly masters in their craft, they continue to create hit after hit, and are quickly becoming one of Denmark’s hottest new exports in the music scene.

“‘Numb’ is another product of sitting at home and watching the pandemic unfold. A scary realization that nothing seemed to affect or scare me anymore. Millions of people have died during covid, but my biggest concern was whether or not I could go to a restaurant. Not to point fingers at anyone else but myself. The bombardment of bad news truly left me numb. We had to write it down cause I believe I am not alone in my guilty conciseness, and the inner war with myself about this,” says Siamese singer Mirza Radonjica about their new single “Numb”.