mxmtoon Releases ‘True Colors’ EP For Video Game ‘Life Is Strange: True Colors’

At 21, singer-songwriter mxmtoon stands tall as one of the brightest and most engaging voices of her generation. Known for her dreamy folk-pop and introspective lyricism, the Oakland-raised, Brooklyn-based artist is also a gamer, podcaster, and activist, who has built a deep, symbiotic connection with millions of fans through a steady stream of content on TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.

Today mxmtoon is dropping her True Colors EP in tandem with the release of one of the most successful selling games in PC history, the highly anticipated Life Is Strange: True Colors game. Created by Deck Nine Games and published by Square Enix the highly anticipated next installment of the franchise has set the gaming world abuzz. mxmtoon will provide the singing voice for the game’s central character Alex Chen and provide a musical backdrop for the game.

Here we see mxmtoon, otherwise known as Maia, combine two of her greatest passions: music and gaming. A longtime fan of the popular narrative adventure franchise which boasts over 20 Million unique players across its lifetime, the artist felt an instant connection to Chen: a queer, 21-year-old Asian American musician who is sharp and sensitive, yet often struggles to navigate her own emotions. The resemblance to the character, which Maia calls “eerily similar,” made the creative process seamless, however. “It was really fun,” she recalls. “I had a lot of liberty with what I wanted to write about.”