Pirosaint Release Long-Awaited Debut, ‘Know Thyself’

New York thrashers Pirosaint have released a new full-length album, Know Thyself, via Digmetalworld in North America.

“This work has taken a lot longer that we have expected but we are more than happy with what we have accomplished,” says drummer Ignacio Orellana. “This band has a long untold history because of its roots but we know that once we have an opportunity to show it live, we will deliver the metal goods. That’s what we are about.”

To celebrate the release, the band has debuted lyric video for two tracks, “The Debt” and “Everyday’s War,” on its official YouTube page.

Know Thyself was recorded between 2013-2016 and 2020-2021 at Oily Sounds Studios NYC by Ignacio Orellana and is made up of new compositions, previously unreleased tracks and a special bonus for fans following Pirosaint since their beginnings in 1989.