Charming Disaster Performing September & October Dates In Person And Online

Brooklyn-based musical duo Charming Disaster will be performing a series of live in person as well as streaming shows in September and October. Early in 2022 they’ll be releasing their latest full length album Our Lady of Radium.

The upcoming album album is a departure from Charming Disaster’s usual folklore and occult fascinations. In Our Lady of Radium, the goth-folk duo take on the subject of pioneering scientist Marie Curie, applying their playfully dark artistic sensibility to Curie’s life and work. The Kickstarter in support of this concept album met its campaign goal in just three days.

Charming Disaster’s Quarantine Livestream:

Fridays at 8pm: Sept 17, Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 19
Streaming on Facebook & YouTube

Charming Disaster: Live Shows

Sept 23, 24, 25: Rochester, NY
Rochester Fringe Festival @ The Spirit Room

Sept 28: Nashville, TN
Charming Disaster’s Secret-ish Soiree

Sept 29: Asheville, NC
Sly Grog Lounge w/ Toybox Theatre + Okapi

Sept 30: Durham, NC
Shadowbox Studio w/Curtis Eller

Oct 1: Richmond, VA
Carnival of 5 Fires @ Gallery5

Oct 2: Charlottesville, VA
IX Art Park w/ This Way to the Egress

Oct 30: Beacon, NY
The Yard