boylife Shares New Song “amphetamine”

Today, boylife shares the new single “amphetamine.” The new song arrives on the heels of the recently released track “lush” and marks the second release from the artist since last summer’s double-single “church / boston.”

“amphetamine” has two chapters, even though the track is just under three minutes. The first half of the song is a passionate, energetic avant-R&B number where boylife’s Ryan Yoo’s vocals pack high emotion into each line while the latter half tapers into an intimate voice-over speaking directly to Yoo and the audience.

About the new song, Yoo said, “‘amphetamine’ is a tribute to women being in the driver’s seat of a sexual relationship, and also Prince.”

boylife’s voice has the smoothness of a quintessential R&B crooner which he is working to push beyond the border of recognition—he took the name boylife from a Cody Chesnutt song, after all. “The voice is an instrument, and I like my instruments to be versatile and malleable,” he says.