Ouri Announces Debut Album

Today, Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Ouri announces her debut album Frame of a Fauna. To coincide with the album announcement, Ouri shares two new singles “High & Choking Pt 1” and “Chains,” which is coupled with a music video co-directed by Derek Branscombe & Ouri. The video finds Ouri studying the confines of her computer screen, programming the human body of a dancer who eventually moves beyond the boundaries of the programming she’s within.

Frame of a Fauna takes the Canadian artist’s knowledge of big orchestral sound, and creates her own fusion, puncturing the classical with industrial abrasions and electronic nuance. The project inspects the framework of the body – how emotional hardship can imprint, and in turn deform the skeleton. If the bones are the container that stands the test of what is being contained- What is the residue of happening? And where does it go? She notices the way time can rupture a rib cage, pull out the collar bones, or make a fist out of fingers.

The cycle of birth, death, and constant rebirth sends Ouri transcending through the creation of this album, as she explores what lies inside the lining of the big dharma wheel: trauma, control and vulnerability. The album begins in a bedroom in London, and hops to Berlin where she witnessed her sister give birth – and sees its completion a year later after a sudden trip to Brazil, where she said her last goodbye to her mother.

Ouri shares about her forthcoming album, “Between fragmented souvenirs and sonic explorations, Frame of a Fauna navigates mutable identity, magnetism and initiating a sense of belonging in an eclectic sound. Mixing classical, field recordings, and electronic and future trip-hop, this album provides a soundtrack to reflect your own shapes and space in this lifetime.”

Tour Dates:
10/27 – Montreal, QC @ Phi Centre
11/11 – Quebec, QC @ Pantoum