Jeremy Zucker Drops New Single “Therapist”

Today, Platinum-Certified singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker reveals his latest single, “Therapist,” from his highly anticipated sophomore album. “Therapist” was co-written and co-produced with artist and producer Ethan Gruska [Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple]. Jeremy recently announced his new album, Crusher, will be released on October 1st.

On “Therapist,” shimmering keys circle in and out of a dreamy beat before Jeremy echoes a primal yell, “I swear you know I can’t handle this, maybe you should call your therapist.” On writing and producing “Therapist” with Ethan Gruska, Jeremy says, “‘Therapist’ is about carrying the burden of someone else’s problems. I made this with one of my favorite producers, Ethan Gruska, which was super exciting because I’m a huge fan of the stuff he’s worked on. It was our first time working together, and we wrote the whole song that day, and then went back and forth on production for a while to make it perfect. I knew immediately when I left the session it would be a single on my album.” Ethan chimes in, saying, “Jeremy and I made this on the first day we ever met. We wrote the song and started the production that day and passed files back and forth after that coast to coast during the pandemic. It was such a fun and collaborative process, Jeremy is an awesome artist and producer!”

In Jeremy’s words, “‘Crusher’ is as much a departure as it is an arrival. ‘love is not dying’, thematically, was a doomed love letter. A desperate plea for compassion and understanding in the face of destruction. Making music during a pandemic is a difficult task enough, but ‘love is not dying’ felt like a pretty impossible project to follow up. One ‘pandemic’-inspired song felt like enough, and not much was going on in my life, at all. The well was dry, so to speak. I was slow to realize that the person I wrote ‘love is not dying’ to (not for), actually hadn’t acknowledged any of it. During this time, a lot of things came to light…”

He continues, “‘Crusher’ is my response. I take back everything I said. It’s no longer about us, or me. It’s about you. During the writing process of this album, I became more myself than ever. It’s a more raw and confident me. I found new influences sonically, and I finally learned how to have fun making music again. I focused on more energy-driven elements of music production: live drums, saturation, and a bit of yelling. ‘CRUSHER’ is a word that describes something or someone that ‘crushes’ – in my case, it was the aforementioned person who crushed me…lol. It felt right to be front and center visually to support the music, instead of putting the music in front of me like I feel I’ve done in the past. We took the picture [on the album artwork] in front of a literal rock crusher – metaphors involving a complex and deliberate mechanism to systematically crush the literal ‘unbreakable’ ensue… It felt quite appropriate.”