Jermtown Shares Single “West Adams”

In early 2020, Jerm decided to take his savings and a backpack full of possessions and abruptly move to Los Angeles’ West Adams section. “Being from Detroit, from the moment I came here for the first time, this was a completely different world,” he shares. “There’s a lot of stuff that we never had access to before.” Although the “West Adams” single and its upcoming neighboring songs have sunny, vibrant production complements sunshine, blue skies, and infinite possibilities, Jerm carries his roots. “I feel like the rapping on this project is more true to Detroit than ever,” he says of the confidence and conviction that defines his home.

He began a body of work inspired by the sights, sounds, and experiences that decorated Jerm’s new world as he settled in. “Whatever we did that week found its way into the songs,” he states.

New surroundings offer new potential. “I can be whom I want to be and rebrand myself as an individual.” Jermtown took a chance and bet on himself. “West Adams” shows the dividends.

Rapper and designer Jermtown recently traded his rust-belt roots for the alluring sunshine and palm trees of the West Coast. A product of Ferndale, Michigan, Jerm admits, “My kinda music doesn’t tend to come out of Detroit successfully.” That never phased the artist, however. For over a decade, the artist persisted with music that reflected his realities. His catalog deals with relationships, reflection, and reaching goals—but not in the traditional sense. Instead, Jerm creates thumping anthems with whimsical songwriting.

Along Jerm’s journey, his vision illuminated. While DJ’ing a club night in the D, the multi-faceted artist called his event “Jermtown.” It offered a curated universe, down to the lighting, the indie films projected on the wall, and the selections he mixed for party-goers. “It was like walking into my imagination, a full experience of what’s going on in my house,” he explains. “Everything I design and make is part of that curated world.” That attention to detail has expanded in Jerm’s music and finds its way into visuals, merchandise, and a line of floor rugs he designs.

Music remains Jerm’s top priority and driving force, though. The devout MC who can also slide into melodies has a discography that includes 2019’s Jermtown Beach, 2018’s Moonstruck, and spring 2021’s Room Talk—each supplying a five-song update of Jerm’s life and times.