Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share New Music Video For “Gemini”

Austin-based shoegaze outfit Letting Up Despite Great Faults share a stunning music video for their new single “Gemini,” off their upcoming album IV, due out next year.

Dreamy and moody, the sonic palette of “Gemini” beckons listeners to look inwards. The music video perfectly encapsulates the sentiments residing within the track — gorgeously choreographed dances, earth-tones, and the attention to detail that symbolize the idea of a “forever” love. KEXP premiered the video, praising “the blissful fuzzed-out dreampop that evokes a particular brand of longing…the video depicts the song’s theme in a perhaps not-so-subtle but dazzling way.”

In the music video, two people navigate their intertwined relationship, beautifully depicting the inspiration behind the song. “Gemini”, the new single by Letting Up Despite Great Faults, is centered around the idea of forever. Friendships and loves can generate this enormous space yet it can be such a small feeling on a day to day basis that we easily, and often, forget how almost impossible it is to find someone that fits us forever. The song immediately creates an almost chaotic world of fuzzed noise, but when the patient, whispering vocals cut through, we see our different worlds can thrive together, hopefully forever.