Lola Blanc Shares “Here Come The Wolves”

Cult survivor, femme fatale, avant garde director and filmmaker, vamp-chic singer-songwriter, co-writer behind the scenes of Brittney Spears’ hit “Ooh La La,” former child ventriloquist: what isn’t Lola Blanc? A wildly creative multi-talented artist, Lola Blanc is a shape-shifter of sorts, and now, after the success of her past single “Angry Too”, she is coming forward with an equally jaw-dropping spooky single just in time for the colder months: “Here Come the Wolves”. “Here Comes the Wolves” is a song about justice and how we define it. Topical, important, angry, and empowering, this vampire-chic feminist anthem will stop you in your tracks.

On the song, Blanc shares: “Over the past couple of years, I’ve become very interested in the idea of justice and how we define it. I was finding myself fantasizing about taking down people who’d harmed me, even though I don’t believe in punitive justice in theory. I realized that I believed in people’s potential to reform when they’ve committed crimes that are much worse than some of the things I’ve experienced, but I still had this desire to get revenge in my own life. It got to a point where I couldn’t ignore that incompatibility anymore, and I began to grapple with this idea of punishment. Anger is necessary, but at what point does it stop being healthy? Would revenge undo my trauma? Or would it perpetuate more harm? If someone has committed harm, why did they do it? Did someone harm them? Did society teach them to harm? The more deeply I look into the origins of people’s behavior, the more I tend to find the answer is yes to both of those questions. But even knowing that intellectually, those instincts don’t necessarily go away. That’s what this song is about.

Going into the writing session for this song, I’d made a note on my phone to write a song about wolves, and the day of the session the producer, Bleu, texted me saying he’d had a song idea in a dream – and it was about wolves. I got chills! He ended up using the riff he remembered in his dream for the actual track.”