Uffie Shares New Single And Video, “cool”

Marking a new era, today Uffie returns from hiatus to share her brand-new single “cool.” The song is a fervently groovy and elastic track full of twists and turns and marks Uffie’s first single release on Toro y Moi’s label Company Records, signaling a new chapter and collaboration for the artist.

In “cool,” Uffie understands how time is fleeting in a world riddled with dark spots: “You’re taking pictures to catch a memory / I’m not against it / I just don’t want to remember it,” but this time she knows the formula to make things a bit sweeter, “Temporary love / pockets full of fun / Life’s a disco.”

Speaking on the new track she says, “The song is about being co-dependent in an emotionally detached whirlwind of a relationship. I was afraid to stop moving at that speed, thinking there would be no ground below. So much happened on the surface that felt impressive; for me, a lifestyle of excess left me naïve, thinking there must be something deeper there. When I paused in the eye of the storm to look around, I realized it was all rooted in toxicity. Sometimes you decide to walk away, others you just say “cool” and close your eyes.”

Referencing the video, she adds “I create from a visual mind frame, and while making this piece with my co-writers Axident and Lokøy, Axident said the song sounded like the Michelle Pfeiffer dance scene from the film Scarface. That summed up the emotion entirely: being surrounded by a world of nothing but excess and how alone one can feel in it. We made the video during the lockdown, and I was worried about it feeling materialistic in a time when so many more important things were going on in the world. We chose to lean in to the pain of such an isolating time in order to understand the things that matter most, togetherness and deeper relationships between one another. I hope that it can be as strangely healing for others as it was for me.”