Fauness Shares New Single “It Gets Better”

Today, Fauness shares the second single from her upcoming EP Maiden No More, due October 8th via Cascine. “It Gets Better” is written in the form of a letter to Cora, Fauness’ birth name, as a message to her younger self to keep her head up when times get tough, a way of processing her years spent in a suburban American middle school.

The track is the first time Fauness reveals her birth name publicly and she shares about this decision, “It wasn’t my intention to keep my ‘real’ identity from my listeners until now. If anything, my artist name Fauness represents my truest self, more aligned with my essence and my experience than Cora. Through music, I get to share my most authentic self in a way that’s impossible in day-to-day life.”

With “It Gets Better,” any division between Fauness and Cora melts into sweet, soulful air, allowing the artist to offer a personal anthem that becomes universal in its message of hope. This is no melancholy meditation on teenhood trauma but a song you can dance to while reflecting on how far you’ve come.