Radiant Baby Shares ‘Pantomime’ LP

Today, Radiant Baby (the project of Montreal musician Felix Mongeon) finally shares their new LP, Pantomime, featuring singles such as “Smooth,” “This Dream,” and “Réputation,” via Lisbon Lux.

On the record, Felix said: “The cover is inspired by 1900s Pierrot. Pierrot is sometimes represented as a sad clown, I like this image because making tunes is a bit of an emotional roller coaster: It’s exciting to create and to take the stage, but there is also a loneliness in creation and a vulnerability in revealing yourself through music.

That loneliness has been even more palpable with the pandemic. When the first lockdown hit in March 2020, I had already created demos for most of the songs that ended up on the album, and a portion of the recording was already completed as well. The pandemic slowed down the recording and production of the album and helped me take my time and gain some perspective on the tracks. I think this perspective really helped me push the collaborative process further on this album and rework songs until I was really happy with them. Musical collaborations also provided some relief from isolation during lockdowns.

Not playing shows with the pandemic has been quite hard. I feel a sense of hope as shows are gradually getting booked and as I see other artists playing live again and releasing their new music. I’m launching Pantomime at La Sala Rossa in Montreal on October 7th, this will be my first show in two years. I’m so excited about it. We are preparing a very fun show with a five-piece band, black-and-white décor and dramatic lighting. I really love touring and performing, sharing my music live and connecting with other people who are also tripping, that’s what gives meaning to it all, it makes the ride very fun and it makes it possible to push through moments of doubt. I’m really excited to finally share Pantomime and for y’all to hear it!”

In addition to today’s album release, the band has also shared a live video for their track “Réputation,” filmed at Studio Planet.