School of X Shares New Album ‘Dancing Through The Void’

Danish multi-instrumentalist Rasmus Littauer is hitting his stride under the moniker School of X—honing in on his honest expression while simultaneously expanding in every direction. After breakout alt-pop EPs Faded Dream (2017), Destiny (2019) and the debut album Armlock (2020), School of X dips his toes into the realms of hip-hop, experimental, singer-songwriter and more, emerging with ambitious, timeless indie-pop sound on his new album Dancing Through The Void.

More than a collection of diverse indie-pop songwriting, Dancing Through The Void is also a message to have self-confidence—and Littauer is walking the walk. “A friend asked whether I worry about making it sound like one album from the same artist, and not 11 different-sounding songs.”

It’s a worry that Littauer can relate to; of not fitting in. ““Bag of Bones (feat. Liss)” [the band of recently deceased and beloved lead singer Søren Holm] is about how I sometimes felt like a nobody in my younger years, in a town where football and scooters were high status and playing an instrument was nerdy.”

But through reflection comes renewed security: “I’m confident that I could have a techno track and a classical piece on the same album” he says. “Dancing Through The Void is an ode to live and be exactly who you are no matter the noise that surrounds you.”

In a year of noise and interruption, Littauer—who has spent most of the past decade touring and working with artists such as Liss, Clairo, Deb Never and MØ as well as on his own music—has been affected more than most. Still, the past year’s global interruptions are the least significant of his recent life changes.

“This year I became a father. It makes my thoughts go around and around about my own childhood and how I was raised. You notice a lot of things you want to do differently than your parents, and maybe some things you want to do the same. I also think a lot about the world I’m putting my child into. He will encounter the whole spectrum of emotions and experiences, and it’ll be fun and hard. At times he will be dancing through the void and at times he will be in the void, and so on. I wrote “If You’re Ever Gonna Be Like Me” the day I found out I was going to have a baby. It’s written to him as a promise that I’ll always be there.”

Dancing Through The Void features Clairo collaborator Kim Tee on “Heart Turned Cold” and Danish band Liss on “Bag of Bones”. “Race for Caress” and “Feel of It” introduce School of X’s first foray into the world of lighthearted, backbeat indie-pop, while every next song on the album oozes with the confidence to try a new spin on his timeless songwriting.
Nov. 18, 2021— Studenterhuset, Aalborg
Nov. 19, 2021— Atlas, Aarhus
Nov. 20, 2021 — Harders, Svendborg
Nov. 26, 2021 — Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
Nov. 27, 2021 — Pumpehuset, København