yeule Shares New Four Hour And Forty-Four Minute Long Song

“The Things They Did For Me Out Of Love” produced by Danny L Harle. Capping off at four hours and forty-four minutes long, “The Things They Did For Me Out of Love” is an ambient, ethereal and spacious journey through the caverns of the mind. The new song is a taste of more to come very soon.

yeule notes about how the collaboration came together with Danny L Harle sharing, “Over the last few years, we have collaborated on many artistic endeavors, but this was one most intrinsically aligned to the way we see things similarly. Harle coins this as ‘The Cathedral of the Mind’. I had collected and collected all of these pictures and poems, and going deep into the inside of my own head. Meditating, trying to understand, and in itself experiencing an ego death so empty that it scared me beyond what I thought fear could manifest. And then there was silence. I felt peace, like a dreamless sleep.”

The track follows their recent covers album Nuclear War Post X and their celebrated debut album Serotonin II.  The yeule project was fabricated by Ćmiel to act as a portal or rift which allows them to communicate their art to the outside world, while still being protected within their inner shell. yeule was constructed as a manifesto of Ćmiel’s own identity, where they have always had access to multiple avatars and the freedom to change or contort at will — solace through embodying mutable, chameleon-like multiplicities. The yeule project exists to store fragments of their reality, dreams, and inner state — an external memory device, a brain or emotional center that exists independently of its creator. yeule is inviting us to transcend into a post-human world where expression is no longer bound by identity, but rather we are free to assemble ourselves along lines of affinity. A future where our assigned gender is no longer relevant, where we can congregate with whoever we are drawn to, regardless of our prior designations.