Chayse Porter Shares “Purpling Dawn”

Today, Chayse Porter shares “Purpling Dawn,” the first single off his upcoming concept album, Chay’s Palace (due March 3, 2022 via Earth Libraries). The single comes alongside a theatrical music video (shot partly in digital, partly on some sort of vintage digi-cam) that captures the whimsy of the track itself.

On the track, Chayse said the following:

“Purpling Dawn” is both a physical and metaphorical reference to a new start. This song is about not recognizing the person in the mirror, and the journey from self-exploration to self discovery and self love. The verse is chaotic, spacey and ethereal, then snaps to a dry, focused chorus. I wanted to evoke the feeling of waking from a dream (verse), into a harsh, cold reality (chorus).

The track was composed, arranged, and produced by me and recorded/engineered by Brad Timko at Communicating Vessels studio. It was the final song recorded and took the longest to produce and mix. The lyrics were written the night before vocal tracking.

The album begins with this track, which features one of the more jarring instrumental arrangements (e.g. sleigh bells, plastic forks, thrift store keyboard e-toms, timpani, organ, accordion). The entire album was recorded analog, straight to tape, so the mixing session was a bit challenging, with many manual volume fades and panning techniques. We recorded the second vocal track at a slower tape speed, then sped it back up to normal to give it a higher pitch, then sent it through an echo chamber in another room, then back through an old Roland Chorus Echo, then finally to tape. We had a lot of fun with that one.