Sea Wolf Releases New Single “Witchknife”

Today, acclaimed Los Angeles indie songwriter Alex Brown Church has released a new Sea Wolf single, “Witchknife”, and announced the release of Through A Dark Wood (Deluxe) on November 19 via Dangerbird Records.

“Having it come out now feels kind of fitting,” Church remarked. “Through a Dark Wood came out in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were all entering into a new ‘dark wood’ together. We’re beginning to figure it out, though we’re still not sure what’s next. Just like the story of the album.”

Through A Dark Wood (Deluxe) includes 5 new songs from the original sessions where Church, coming out of a bruising divorce, wrote, recorded and scrapped a full album’s worth of material before starting anew.

“’Witchknife’ is about a relationship in trouble, and references the ‘Dark Wood’ of the album title in both a literal, and metaphorical kind of fairy-tale way. I always had the notion that I would return to these songs one day, and with a bit of time having passed, and some gained perspective, I realized they were part of the ‘dark wood’ story all along,“ Church says.

In revisiting the new single, Church found himself inspired to try something new, noting, “I’ve always wanted to try a hip hop inspired drum part in a Sea Wolf song, and this one finally seemed like the right candidate.” The result is a song that is at once a part of the story of the record, yet is infused with a fresh new perspective.

Featuring a guest performance from acclaimed composer and pianist Dustin O’Halloran, Through A Dark Wood (Deluxe) includes contributions by long-time Sea Wolf players Lisa Fendelander (keyboards), Scotty Leahy (guitar), Joey Ficken (drums), and frequent collaborators Zac Rae (keyboards) and Francesco Le Metre.