The Reed Effect Release Their Second Single “Rise Up”

Continuing to release the music Kirk and his brother Chris made together for their album 1973 is very important to the band. “Rise Up” follows up their last release “Fine Here”. Each song on this album truly shows the influences through guitar and style embraced by The Reed Effect. It plays like a classic rock sound that knows its way around a rocking guitar sound that blends elements of ’70s rock n roll and the modern take that shows the musicianship The Reed Effect knows and brings. “Rise Up” is most assuredly the anthem party tribute single/video to Kirk’s brother Chris.

‘”Rise Up” is our 2nd single from our new album, 1973.My brother and bandmate, Chris Reed, passed away on October 10th, 2020, just days before we were planning to release this album. Of course, my producer and I postponed the release. Now is the time to bring the music we created to the masses. We went all out on this one, and are fortunate enough to have caught some of Chris’s magic and brilliance on this album. This is his Swan Song. And boy, did he go out with a bang,”‘ Kirk Reed says.