Bestfriend Shares EP ‘Places I’ve Lived’

Indie pop duo Bestfriend share their newest EP, places i’ve lived today.

Created remotely, with Stacy on the west coast and Kaelan in the east, Stacy would write songs, create rough demos and send them to Kaelan who would then produce it from there, passing it back and forth between each other to add/detract elements. Places I’ve Lived will be closely followed by its sister EP, Places I’ve Left, thematically similar to its predecessor.

For this run, Bestfriend has built out a letter-writing campaign where fans can write letters to their old selves / places they used to live / just how their day was, and if they write a letter and provide their address, they’ll eventually receive one back, anonymized.

Written and produced entirely by the duo and mixed by Grammy-nominated Travis Ference (Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Imagine Dragons), places i’ve lived will be closely followed by the fully written and produced sister EP, places i’ve left.