Telesonic 9000 Shares  Music Video For “Information”

Today, multi-media art project Telesonic 9000 shares the music video for single “Information,” a retro-futuristic work of kinetic art.  “Information” combines “percussive tracks with elements of kosmische musik and post-punk that transmit the lost sense of optimism that was fueled by the technological advances of post-war America.”

The audio, released a few weeks ago, showcases Telesonic 9000’s heavy emphasis and background in percussion — pulsating beeps and hits are propelled by a steadfast, rolling rhythm, that complement the collaging of speech samples muttered with synths. The track sounds fresh and immersed in an energetic retro-future, evoking the dawn of the computer era.

The music video for “Information” is a forward moving mashup of dozens of 20th century archive films, featuring old school oscillators, vintage laboratories, and IBM-esque punch cards, leading to a kaleidoscopic, technicolored climax.

On the video, Telesonic 9000’s Dominick Gray says “I wanted the forward moving feel of “Information” to embody the optimism and technicolor aesthetic of the early computer era. The punch card and oscillator imagery go hand in hand with the energy of our information age.”