Cosmic Wire’s Banksy Auction Rescheduled to 10/8 after Bidding Site Crashes from Massive Traffic

Because of torrential web traffic overloading and crashing its website and auction servers, Cosmic Wire has rescheduled its auction of the only remaining remnants of the original Banksy Spy Booth wall mural as a hybrid NFT to Friday, October 8 from 12pm PST – 5pm PST.

“The crash was equal parts exhilarating and anxiety-inducing to live through in real time,” says Cosmic Wire CEO Jerad Finck. “We knew there was a lot of interest surrounding the piece, we felt the energy, but had no idea it would be like this. Our server CPU hit 98 percent within two minutes of starting the auction causing the site to go down, followed by intermittent blips of life over the next several hours with hundreds of millions of hits steadily rolling in. So, we had to call it off because we didn’t want legitimate bidders to miss out on this opportunity. We’re back up on a designated server and look forward to the auction.”