Station Second Single “I Can’t Find My Way” Out Now

New York City’s Station –hailed by Guitar World as one of the 15 current bands who are “the New Wave of Classic Rock” (alongside peers such as The Struts, Stonefield, Dirty Honey, and Rival Sons)—just released the second single and video from their forthcoming new album, “I Can’t Find My Way” .

“This is the first track on the record and we feel like it sets the tone for the album,” explains guitarist Chris Lane. “This song is about not waiting to take the chances in life that allow you to follow your own path. It really speaks to the spirit of the band with how we approached this record and what we wanted to accomplish.”

On October 8, Station–Patrick Kearney (lead vocals), Chris Lane (guitars/keyboards/backing vocals), Emi Asta (bass/backing vocals), Tony Baptist (drums)—will showcase their brand of Rock on their self-produced fourth album, Perspective, on Station Music LLC via AWAL.

The aptly titled album is so named because, as Lane says, “The songs are really about different takes on what’s going on around us. Not a specific event, but just reviewing things as we travel through this station of life, viewing things from a different point where you might have interpreted them differently as a younger person, or how you probably will interpret them differently when you’re older.”

Like on all previous Station albums, the songs on Perspective show remarkable diversity and impressive musicianship. Lyrically, they cover a wide spectrum of different types of topics, ranging from purely happy, fun songs about love to touching on more introspective and serious emotions.

“I love the fact that we are putting out something that’s both speaking to the aesthetic that we’ve built from the ground up, but also showing an evolution of how we can still rock really hard,” says singer Patrick Kearney. Lane agrees: “I don’t think that there’s any one style of music that we play. I think that it’s all in the amalgam of rock and we touch on different parts of it. The tracks are all pretty diverse.”