Fauness Releases ‘Maiden No More’ EP

Today, Fauness releases the EP Maiden No More via Cascine. The four-track EP co-produced by Jam City is a polished and thoughtful pop exploration into the emotional cascades of womanhood. Maiden No More features the previously released tracks “It Gets Better” and “Dragonfly”.

Fauness speaks of her singular pop as if it were a patchwork quilt crafted from an array of different fabrics: velvet anxieties, silky satin dreams, memories of acid-washed denim. While her melodies and lyrics grab attention with their guitar-laced immediacy, there is a deceptive complexity behind the raw emotion. As she concedes, “I’m a hybrid person with many sides.” Her EP serves as both summit and statement, polishing her eclectically confessional songcraft into 12 dazzling minutes. Named after the second section of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy’s tragic late 19th-century odyssey about a young woman caught between worlds, Maiden No More is willful and wild-hearted, loyal to its own emancipatory muse: “cut the cord / cut the cord from me / set your girl / set your girl free…” The collection captures the moment at which the spring flowers of her previous EPs, Toxic Femininity, Lashes in a Landfill, and Dreamcatcher, have passed into the late summer, fruit-bearing phase. Each song is co-produced by Jam City, whose Earthly imprint issued the previous releases.